Welcome to the Natural History Section

he Natural History Section exists to further the study of natural history and the recording of local wildlife in Leicestershire and the surrounding counties. The Section was founded more than 50 years ago as an off-shoot of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society. Members of the Section have a wide variety of interests and expertise in various areas of natural history, but you don’t have to be an expert on natural history to join.


Twice a year, members receive a programme of forthcoming events, and a copy of the Newsletter which reports on Society activities and contains other items about natural history.

Indoor Meetings

Which are usually held on Wednesday evenings twice a month from October to March. Meetings consist of a talk on some aspect of natural history by a knowledgeable speaker, either an invited expert or a member. Most talks use slides as illustrations, and sometimes include specimens or recordings. All talks are aimed at the amateur naturalist, since even those members of the Section who are experts in one area may know very little about another.


Outdoor Meetings

Which are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays between April and October. Meetings usually start at 10 am for a morning or all-day visit, and at 2 pm for an afternoon visit. Distances covered on foot vary, but 1-2 miles for a half-day meeting and 2-3 miles for a full day meeting would be typical, and

shorter alternative routes are often available for those who prefer this. All outdoor meetings are by private car within reasonable driving distance of Leicester. Lifts can easily be arranged for those without their own transport.


How to Join

From October to March you are very welcome to come along to an indoor meeting and see if you like it — we only charge guests a small fee (£2.00). Then if you would like to apply for membership, please ask for an application form. Alternatively information on membership can be obtained by emailing the Natural History Section.