Unless otherwise stated lectures this season will be held at New Walk Museum Leicester, Mondays at 7.30pm.

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The Leicester Literary and Leicester Philosophical Society, locally known as the Lit. and Phil., was founded in 1835.

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Come to our next lecture:

What can we learn from the history of Science?

Hasok Chang

On Monday January 8th Hasok Chang, Hans Rausing Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge will talk to the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society on ‘What Can we Learn from the History of Science?’

Taking examples from the history of chemistry, Hasok Chang will illustrate his talk on the historical recovery of ideas and facts which have been left behind especially after paradigm shifts. Critical awareness is enhanced by learning that past scientists have conceived and engaged with the world in valid ways that are different from our own and such recovery can also prompt new ideas that mainstream scientists now may not easily think of.

Professor Chang previously taught at University College, London after receiving a PhD in Philosophy at Stanford University. He is currently working on a third major project, tracing the history of batteries which were very easy to make once Volta announced his invention in 1800 but very difficult to explain for a long time.

Professor Chang has worked as a consultant for BBC Four’s series ‘Shock Awe: The Story of Electricity’ and Channel 4’ ‘Genius of Britain; The Scientist who Changed the World’. He is a founding member of the Committee for Integrated History and Philosophy of Science and the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice.

The lecture, sponsored by the British Science Association, at New Walk Museum is open to visitors (£3) and starts at 7.30pm.